VHM Cylinder Head Set Honda RS125

This must have high quality road race product will allow fast combustion chamber change to suit the race track layout.
There are many head inserts for this aplication so we have list 3 option for you to choose but if you wish a design of combustion chamber which is different please call on 0044-(0)1487 813755 and we will supply at the normal price.

some riders still use the dome piston we can supply the head set with inserts to suit all the following 3 options and any other set up you wish to use.

volume of head includes spark plug hole and total volume of head with piston at TDC

std setting unleaded
piston height 0.00mm to the top of the cylinder (flat piston)
volume 11.60 cc
squish clearence 00.70mm

full gp setting
piston height 00.10mm to the top of the cylinder ( flat piston )
volume 11.80cc
squish clearence 00.65mm

leaded fuel option
piston height 00.00mm to the top of the cylinder (flat piston)
volume 10.60cc
squish clearence 00.65mm

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