HGS Exhaust KTM SXF250 2016-2020

HGS exhaust systems are highly regarded by many GP teams. All HGS 4-stroke exhaust systems are now delivered with the POWER BOMB expansion chamber. The Power bomb enhances power and reduces noise this system.

HGS has in the past normally made one exhaust system per model of motorcycle In 2017 the decision was made to manufacture 2 systems for the SXF/FC250 as so many top teams and tuners are making engine modifications to increase high rpm power and the torque system from HGS was not allowing the maximum power available from the modifications, in a standard state of tune the torque pipe is the best exhaust in the world but if cam timing and ignition mods have been made in the direction of high rpm running conditions there is case for a exhaust design to increase power in that working area. The new exhaust for high RPM is the GP system.

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