VHM crankshaft 2000-2010 Yamaha TZ250

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The VHM crankshaft is made of a special material and has began a heat treatment. After this the crankshafts has been CNC grinded to precise dimensions. The advantage of the heat treatment is that the crankshaft in totally will be a lot stiffer, because the resistance against bending of the crankshaft is much bigger. This results in a much longer performance and the crankshaft can also be overhauled many times.

The AK20009 has VHM connection rods that has been grinded for lighter weight and polished for superior strength under heavy loads. The crankshaft is assembled with original Yamaha oil seal and bearings.
Side bearings included, not shown on this pictures.
The engine will make more over revolutions with the VHM crankshaft compared with the standard crankshaft due to the increased inertia. The power output after maximum HP is higher and will hold on longer than the standard crankshaft.

To obtain maximum performance, the service limit for the VHM crankshaft is 1200 km running. VHM can rebuild the crankshaft. The crankshaft will be disassembled and the connecting rod, big end pin, needle bearing and side washers will be replaced. After assembly, the crankshaft will be aligned with high accuracy.

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