VHM carbon air intake Yamaha YZ250F 2019 - 2020

VHM carbon air intake Yamaha YZ250F 2019 - 2020

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Developed for an optimum air flow and made of real carbon. Our carbon intake prevents the airbox from deforming. Works well in combination with the VHM carbon airbox cover (AB020918), improving throttle response.

To use this air intake, you need a powerflow kit from Twin Air (part number 152222C).

Mounting the intake:
1. Open cap, disconnect hose, turn screw head and remove standard cover
2. Remove guide with element
3. Remove screws from side covers
4. Remove screws from other side covers to remove seat, take seat off
5. Remove screws from side cover and fuel tank
6. Loosen screws from cap
7. Remove screws from holder guide
8. Take fuel tank out
9. Remove cap
10. Remove holder guide
11. Take VHM air intake, you could spray some WD40 on the outside for easy mounting. Mount air intake into airbox with the small end down, push towards the carburettor
12. Mount holder guide
13. Mount cap back on
14. Put element and guide back

15. Put fuel tank back in position and fasten it
16. Fasten side covers
17. Mount carbon air cover from VHM or put the standard air cover back on
18. Place back the seat and fasten screws
19. Click cover on

  • Real carbon
  • Bettter throttle response
  • Optimum air flow
  • Easy to mount
  • Ensures that dirt/mud is evenly spread over whole airbox

Must be used in combination with Twin Air powerflow kit 152222C Works best in combination with airbox cover AB020918