Yamalube S2 Semi-synthetic autolube 2-stroke Oil

Yamalube S2 Semi-synthetic autolube 2-stroke Oil

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YAMALUBE is an engine oil developed by Yamaha specifically for motorcycles.
Engineers who are familiar with the characteristics of engines and transmissions,
and the role required of engine oil participate in development in order to realize the performance demanded of every type of motorcycle,
from scooters to super sports bikes, at an advanced level.

Yamalube® S2 is the great all-rounder autolube oil for modern, high technology 2-stroke engines in machines with oil injection systems – sports, road and off-road bikes, trail machines, scooters, ATVs, quads... Yamalube® S2 2-stroke is made for the job.

  • Anti-smoke formula reduces deposits as well as improving lubrication
  • Blended to handle leaded and unleaded fuels with equal efficiency
  • Cuts carbon and varnish build-up for smoother performance and extended engine life
  • Fully meets JASO FC Standard – guaranteeing engine protection and cleanliness
  • Special additives maintain flow and prevent gelling in colder climates
  • Synthetic base stocks deliver high lubrication properties and strong oil film retention
  • Maximum acceleration and power delivery with less friction means longer engine life
  • MC-On Road, MC-Off Road, Scooter 2-stroke, ATV